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Modern Construction Demands Discipline, Attention, and Teamwork.

Number of projects completed since we were founded in 2004
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Our EMR safety rating (well below the industry average of 1.0)
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A teammate-oriented general contractor

We deeply value the well-being of our teammates and believe strongly in the joy of hard work and the importance of collaboration. Why don’t you join the TEAMWRKX family.

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Featured Projects
BMW of Fairfield Transbay Transit Center Werqwise NTT Disruption Omron
BMW of Fairfield is the first ground-up Retail Next BMW dealership nationwide. Interior Renovation to support the infrastructure of 17 restaurants at street level in San Francisco. A seven-story tenant improvement converting floors into new office spaces for Werqwise in San Mateo. A 14,000 square foot tenant improvement for the NTT Disruption building in San Francisco. featuring the Cokoon. Exterior and interior tenant improvements to the general office, manufacturing, warehouse, etc.
BMW of Fairfield Transbay Joint Powers Authority Werqwise NTT Omron
Wesnae Architecture & Engineering Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Twinsteps Architecture IA Architects Ware Malcomb
Square Feet
45,500 SF 17 suites of various sizes 56,425 SF 14,050 SF 126,800 SF
Fairfield, CA San Francisco, CA San Mateo, CA San Francisco, CA Pleasanton, CA
Featured Media
Welcome to the new BMW of Fairfield - the first ground-up Retail Next BMW dealership nationwide!
Welcome to the new Honda of Downtown Los Angeles - a ground-up six-story dealership with rooftop parking!
We Care
Good work engenders good deeds

Our job is building buildings. But our calling is building communities. We strive to achieve this by drawing on the same core values, and creating a virtual cycle in which good work engenders good deeds, and good deeds change the world for the better.

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