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The automobile industry is one of the most challenging segments of the retail marketplace. Every day, auto dealers put their foot on the accelerator and GO! They measure their success by the week, day, hour, or minute as they work with customers to sell and service cars.

General contractors that want to handle new construction or renovations for auto dealers must understand the unique requirements of the business. For this reason, TEAMWRKX is one of the most complete and capable general contractors for auto dealers in California.

TEAMWRKX has assembled a “dream team” of experienced professionals with a combined hundred years of specific automotive experience. We have the special skills and capabilities — plus unique processes and practices — to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget, while not forcing auto dealers to put the brakes on their businesses.

TEAMWRKX has built close, long-term relationships with national auto dealer groups and independent dealers. The concept of “team” is at the core of everything we do. The trust that’s created means that with TEAMWRKX, a commitment made is a commitment kept. This trust remains intact, year after year — long after the first car has been driven off the lot.

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Autowrkx Group Leader

Tony Yaccarine

Tony Yaccarine / Autowrkx Group Leader

Autowrkx Senior Project Manager

Don Romano

Don Romano / Autowrkx Senior Project Manager

Autowrkx Senior Project Manager

Rick Thompson

Rick Thompson / Autowrkx Senior Project Manager

Anthony (Tony) Yaccarine — has 30 years of experience as a carpenter, foreman and superintendent — with more than two decades of hands-on expertise building and renovating auto dealerships for makes such as Acura, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mini Cooper, Subaru, Toyota, and Volvo.

Don Romano — has over 30 years began in Carpentry and grew to include Foreman and General Superintendent positions before becoming a Project Manager and Estimator.

Rick Thompson — is a senior project manager who oversees every step of the way from conceptual design through feasibility, budgeting and construction.

And of course, Eric Venzon, President / CEO and other senior team members at TEAMWRKX add to the experience and capabilities specific to meeting the construction requirements of automotive clients.

Showrooms That Are Showpieces

Auto dealerships are high-profile facilities, often located alongside busy thoroughfares or freeways. As a result, it’s critical that each design and construction be first class.

The extended TEAMWRKX team — including architects, designers, construction managers, and subcontractors — has the expertise and experience to complete dealerships that stand out and drive customers into the showroom. Our exceptional attention to detail creates dealerships that serve as central focal points and offer a significant edge against the competition.

At TEAMWRKX, we truly understand the various intricacies specific to the automotive industry. The big things, such as knowing how to carefully maneuver around millions of dollars of inventory during a renovation. And the little things — down to the smallest of details — that make all the difference in the fit and finish of an automobile dealership. Regardless of How You Spell It, TEAMWRKX Means Teamwork

While we may have chosen an unusual way to spell it, TEAMWRKX also represents a name you can count on with unsurpassed experience in automotive construction.

To learn more about our unique team approach or discuss your next construction project, please contact us.