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Complete tenant improvement of an existing and occupied sales facility. Project scope included removal and replacement of carpet, tile, restrooms, ceiling grid and ceiling tiles. Exterior painting of sales and service buildings, removal and replacement of Honda’s barrel and wave framing, removal and replacement of parking lot and street asphalt, seal coat and stripe overall site.  Project phased and occupied.

Project Story

Capitol Honda remained open for business during construction. Challenges included high traffic areas from customers and employees, and additional strategic planning for phased work timing and safety measures were required.

Project Challenges
City Permits/Approvals
Tenant Occupied
High Public Traffic
Site Logistics
Value Delivered

TEAMWRKX effectively performed its phased work in high traffic areas accounting for employee and customer schedules. Additional safety measures were put into place for an added level of customer safety while construction was in progress.

208,650 SF
Los Angeles, CA
New ground-up six story dealership including rooftop parking.
23,198 SF
Colma, CA
Four phase interior and exterior renovation of existing Ford store.
184,000 SF
San Jose, CA
New ground-up three story dealership including rooftop parking.