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Tenant Improvement on the general office, manufacturing, warehouse, training room and alteration (adding insulation) to a portion of the exterior wall and roof. Project consists of alterations to the existing site/exterior including a new storefront door and window systems to match the existing, a new exterior area of assisted rescue, new roof top units, new accessible sidewalks and new insulation to a portion of the existing exterior walls and roof.

I had the pleasure to work with TEAMWRKX to build the space. TEAMWRKX is a strong advocate for their client’s interests. TEAMWRKX owns its schedules and prices, keeping our projects on time and within budget. TEAMWRKX managers are team players, exceptional leaders, negotiators and open communicators. I am extremely confident in the highest quality of work from TEAMWRKX.

Venkat Rajagopalan, Sr. Director of Operations
Omron Automation