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Fast-track interior tenant improvements of Opa! in Campbell included 3,500 square feet of space featuring an impressive hand-painted ceiling. During the Fast-track 12 week construction timeline, Opa! became one of Campbell’s most anticipated grand openings. The design-build collaboration features stone walls, hand-stained boxed wood beam soffits, a unique hand-crafted chandelier supported 30 feet overhead, LED backlit Onyx panels, private wine collection, and stainless steel kitchen line on full display behind an arched glass veil.

7,456 SF
Pleasanton, CA
Interior renovation of dining lounge, wine room and the cellar.
4,100 SF
San Jose, CA
Fast-track tenant improvement from shell to grand opening within three months.
164 Room & Bar Renovation
Menlo Park, CA
Interior renovation and remodel of all 164 Suites, Executive Centers, Bar, Lounge Areas, Lobbies, and Courtyard etc.