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Fast-track tenant improvements for Conde Nast San Francisco which began as an obsolete vacant, class C space. Completed space consists of modern conference rooms, training rooms, lobby, and IT space, to serve as the western U.S. headquarters of Conde Nast. The project came in more than 10% under the original budget and 20% of ahead of schedule.

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TEAMWRKX is a great resource for facilities improvement and construction. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in California, or in New York, or anywhere in between, they have the resources to manage the project, get it done on time, within your budget, and the advanced management systems to keep you informed every step of the way.

Christopher Magee, Executive Director
Conde Nast

When I had construction changes, which always happens, TEAMWRKX’ reply was always, ‘no problem.’ This really blew me away because this is a rare attitude in the construction business. In fact, I’d never encountered anything like this before!

Barbara Kroells , West Coast Facilities Manager
Conde Nast
14,050 SF
San Francisco, CA
A 14,000 square foot tenant improvement for the NTT Disruption building in San Francisco. featuring the Cokoon.
5,500 SF
San Francisco, CA
Fast-track tenant improvements for Garmin San Francisco.
112,000 SF
San Jose, CA
Tenant Improvement for a Technology Business Incubator Space for the Chinese Government.