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Fast-track tenant improvements for Garmin San Francisco which began as an obsolete vacant, class C space. The goal of the project was to create a collaborative, open space within a limited tenant improvement budget and a short timeframe for occupancy. The construction, consisting largely of an open floor, with strategic conference and common areas, also contains substantial and precise data cabling requirements and reengineered HVAC to allow proper ventilation in the newly opened floor plan. Project completed one week ahead of schedule and within the original budget.

We really enjoyed working with TEAMWRKX on this project. Our office looked wonderful, and despite the tight deadlines, we were in our space on time and under budget!

Kathryn Krieger, Project Manager

The space was vacant for 15 years… TEAMWRKX brought their expertise and experience in pointing out potential pitfalls and faulty antiquated equipment early in the process so there were no budget surprises. In budget and on time — excellent!

Gary Nichols, CEO/Principal
Revel Architecture & Design
14,050 SF
San Francisco, CA
A 14,000 square foot tenant improvement for the NTT Disruption building in San Francisco. featuring the Cokoon.
20,000 SF
Fremont, CA
Ongoing multiple tenant improvement and clean room installation projects for Seagate Fremont campus.
112,000 SF
San Jose, CA
Tenant Improvement for a Technology Business Incubator Space for the Chinese Government.