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Multiple tenant improvements included executive conference spaces, server rooms, collaborative meeting areas, extensive indoor/outdoor café and patio, meeting and break areas, gymnasium, EV charging stations, automotive R&D labs and automotive center with lifts. The project involved a great deal of innovative and unique visual design, as well as complex mechanical and electrical design, and state-of-the-art audio/visual meeting technology installation. Project phased and occupied. 

Our recent project has been a very trying project for both TEAMWRKX and NIO, but Tony Yaccarine was up to the challenge of building out 30,000 SF in 10 weeks! Tony Yaccarine and Kris Clayton worked tirelessly in the field and dealing with the City, while Melissa Berninghausen kept the paperwork in line at the office. NIO is grateful to the talented team at TEAMWRKX for all the excellent work accomplished.

John Mikita, Sr. Facilities Manager
208,650 SF
Los Angeles, CA
New ground-up six story dealership including rooftop parking.
34,751 SF
Santa Clara, CA
Interior and exterior tenant improvements of an existing Porsche dealership including showroom and new service areas.
315,000 + SF
Campbell, CA
Interior and exterior tenant improvements including engineering labs, IT rooms and electrical vehicle charging stations.