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March 11, 2021
Procurement Magazine

NTT Global Sourcing: The Power of One

TEAMWRKX is thrilled to have partnered with our client, Arvind Kumar with NTT Global Sourcing in the March edition of Procurement Magazine where they discuss all aspects of the 'Procurement Transformation' program.

Arvind Kumar, Global VP of Indirects at NTT Global Sourcing, on partner ecosystems and how a novel approach to indirect sourcing delivers true value.

This process of upscaling and reshaping legacy systems is also evident in Kumar’s approach to indirect sourcing. Traditionally, procurement is a one-way process of assessing and negotiating terms with a vendor to supply a product or service. Kumar’s model upended this linear structure, instead creating an ecosystem of partners with an economy of shared capabilities, ideas and revenue generation opportunities.

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“NTT has created a meeting platform which allows everybody to work together seamlessly.”

Arvind Kumar, Global VP of Indirects
NTT Global Sourcing



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