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Project Description

With its excellent summertime patio and glistening lava fire pits, Opa! is one of the locals’ favorite destinations. The 3,500 square feet space features an impressive hand-painted ceiling. TEAMWRKX Construction converted this vanilla vacant building into a full service restaurant. This was no easy feat with Opa!’s fast-track schedule. During the Fast-track 12 week construction timeline, Opa! became one of Campbell’s most anticipated grand openings. The design-build collaboration features stone walls, hand-stained boxed wood beam soffits, a unique hand-crafted chandelier supported 30 feet overhead, LED backlit Onyx panels, private wine collection, and stainless steel kitchen line on full display behind an arched glass veil. OPA!

Project Details

Client: Opa! Management / Hero Builders
Architect: Arch Studio, Inc.
Square Feet: 3,500
Cost: $655,458

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