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We are the Rainbow Star, in our hearts and in all we do, no matter where we do it.

We know we have to survive; so, while we are forever committed to philanthropy, we use the for-profit industries of “Real Estate and Construction (ORANGE)” and “Import/Export (BLUE)” as our two arms to reach out into the world, earn and gather the resources to sustain our purpose.

From that which we gather, we tithe back to the core values upon which we stand, the twin legs of “Wellspan (living well for a long lifespan (RED)” and “Education” to learn and understand the questions that matter to us (GREEN).

For we believe that when you are enabled to live well and healthy for a long time, learning which questions make life worth living to address and answer, it is then that we are most likely to reach our own definition of enlightenment and “Spiritual Life” (YELLOW, almost unseeable), the apex of all that we seek. And only YOU can define what YOUR Spiritual Life is for YOU, though all of us can support you and help you get there.

To learn more about Generations for Humanity:

1855 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126

T: 408-287-2700
F: 408-287-2800

Natasha Venzon: nvenzon@gforh.org
Ty Venzon: tvenzon@gforh.org

"Today's Generation Investing in Tomorrows'"

Natasha Venzon, Principal

Ty Venzon, Vice President


To learn more about Rossinca Heritage School:

2095 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126
408-512-4250  |  info@rossinca.org  |  www.rossinca.org

"Cultural Understanding + Sharing = Peace"

Rossinca Heritage School is a cultural and educational center for Russian-speaking families in the Silicon Valley area. Our goal is to create a Russian-speaking educational community for children and their parents. We are committed to helping children to not only fluently speak Russian Language, being able to read and write, but also to learn about the culture of Russian-speaking countries: their history, literature, music, folklore, traditions, and customs. We hope to see the children develop a lifelong love of Slavic cultures and to pass it on to their children and grandchildren.

We offer diverse educational and enrichment programs. Our center creates an environment where children can practice their language skills through friendly and open relationships with their peers and teachers. We offer a variety of programs [taught in Russian] to accommodate each child’s and his/her parents’ interests and needs.

Smaller groups allow teachers to have a personal touch for every child, to identify a child’s learning style and the best way to educate him or her. It also enables the teachers to observe child’s strengths and weaknesses and thus to develop an effective educational approach, which is built on mutual trust and respect.

In addition to our regular programs and lessons, Rossinca Heritage School offers a wide range of events and activities: seminars for parents, concerts, sports, music lessons, birthday parties and celebrations, exhibitions, etc.


Hoops2Dreams is a nonprofit organization dedicated to seeking social justice for under-provisioned children in Panama who have restricted access to education or sports. Shoes, clothing, school books and supplies are extremely limited in the communities we serve.

Many of these children walk barefoot to spare the soles of their only pair of shoes – flip flops. We provide athletic shoes, apparel, school books, educational supplies, and social engagement programs.

Through the Hoops2Dreams basketball program, the children learn essential life skills, such as teamwork, goal setting, comradery, patience, persistence, self-actualization and how to respond positively to setbacks and failures in life.

It is our goal to ensure every individual is educated, healthy, happy, mindful and possesses a positive social environment; this leads to future successes in seeking employment, social partnerships, family, sense of self and spiritual foundations.

To learn more about Hoops2Dreams:

1855 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126
media@hoops2dreams.org  |  www.hoops2dreams.org

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