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It is with extremely heavy hearts that we share our beloved David Ditlevson passed away on May 14, 2020. David was unexpectedly diagnosed with grade 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer in November, 2019 and continued to fight the battle with hope until the very end. It is hard to accept that he was taken from all of us so suddenly at the prime of life and had so much more to accomplish for his family. It seems an irreplaceable part of our world is gone.  We know he remains with us, David will always be in our hearts, but our lives will never be the same without him here.

David leaves behind his wife, Karen, his children Dominic, Jessica, Taylor (and son-in-law Jon) and Nick, and grandchildren Haven and Autumn, and every person on the planet who loved him. David was our cherished teammate at TEAMWRKX Construction and had been with TEAMWRKX since inception. Outside of being a dedicated family man and the Head of the Field and Safety, he shared a deep enthusiasm for baseball. David coached softball and baseball for many years, and with strong conviction, believed in teaching children through the game of ball how to become outstanding individuals through love, dedication, respect, teamwork, honor and pride.

David left a profound impact on people –a visceral footprint resonating in harmony. David always remained positive, in any type of situation. David was a man of very few words but his conduct spoke more than a million words combined.  He was full of smiles and just being next to him sparked immense joy in everyone.

We will always remember our “Double D” as our angel and best friend.  David taught us all how to cherish the best things in life, how to keep moving forward and believe in ourselves no matter how hard times get. He touched our lives in so many ways and made each of us better people.


David was a provider and strived every day to build a future for his family. There remains one thing David was unable to complete, seeing his youngest son, Nick graduate from college. Nick was barely in his first semester at University of Nevada, Reno, and after getting the news about David, moved back home to be able to spend every last moment with his father.

We have started a Go Fund Me fundraiser as assistance in Nick’s educational fund and family expenses. In lieu of sympathy gifts and flowers, we ask that donations be made toward the Ditlevson Family Fund.

David is remembered as a loving husband, father, grandfather, best friend, teammate, mentor, role model, and was just that very special guy who touched the hearts of every single person he encountered. Truly, people like David, only come around once in a lifetime.

RIP, DD. You will always echo within our thoughts, words and hearts.

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  • I never met Dave, but reading this and the loving comments about him and his impact stirs my heart. I send everyone at TEAMWRKX Construction, and his family & friends my sincerest and heartfelt condolences.

  • Dave was like my brother who teased me constantly, trying to find and push every frustrating button he could. He even shouted my name each time he saw me just to be like that annoying brother. I really miss that now, Dave. I miss your smile and our laughs. I really miss your brotherly spirit around the office and it feels empty now without you.

  • You’ll be missed Dave. I hear they are building mansions in heaven (John 14:1-2) maybe God needed Dave up there more than here. Life is to short for all of us. Give it all you got.

  • I have worked with Dave for over 10 years and we always had a solid relationship based on friendship, kindness and laughter. I spoke to him hours before he passed that day – I believe that was meant to be – Dave saying “goodbye buddy” in his own way. Love you Dave – blessings to the family!

  • In life, it’s true, bad things happen to good people. But those good people teach you how to cherish the best things that happen to you. And one “best thing” is that good person who made you a better person. I will always remember you telling me “all you can do for me today is smile, Leyla. Just smile.” RIP, Dave Ditlevson. ❤️ my life will always be better just because I knew you. Will MISS YOU TREMENDOUSLY!


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